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As a photographer, a cultural anthropologist and a woman my focus lies in women's traditions and cultures particularly those that are disappearing.

In 2005 I was introduced to Zhang Yun Ying (a woman in China with bound feet), that meeting completely altered my life, my perceptions and judgments on others. From that moment I wanted to tell these womens stories through photography and interviews. Through research and lectures I have studied other women's traditions.

In the past three years I have documenting the Kayan women (with brass coils) and the Chin women (with facial tattoos).

The question I am asked the most is "Why did these women do this?" -- and my answer is always to explain as best I can that in every society, in every culture women (and men) alter themselves to 'fit-in' to be accepted, to conform to their society's norms. The rise of cosmetic surgery globally is proof alone that individuals feel they need to assimilate. Why do we do this? To be accepted, to have a better life, to be loved.

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Chin Tribe Women Facial Tattoos